About Dr Cahill

I am a clinical and counselling psychologist who specialises in treating people suffering from insomnia. I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society, the college of clinical psychologists and the Australasian Sleep Association. I am a registered Medicare health provider.

Originally trained as a counselling psychologist I have had over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and families. I have been trained as a Cognitive Behavioural therapist, Schema therapist and EMDR therapist. I have had many years of experience helping people overcome anxiety, depression, stress,  phobias, trauma and relationship issues.

Over the years I have developed a passion for helping people improve their sleep.  What I have noticed is that when people come to see me about their sleep they  are generally anxious about what their lack of sleep is doing to their lives. After we work together and their sleep improves they almost always comment on the fact  that they have regained their confidence in falling and staying asleep at night. In short, they have stopped worrying about not sleeping. That is, if they experience  difficulty sleeping on the odd night they are confident that they will eventually fall asleep, and they do!